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Ceiling lighting is suitable for any room. The choice of a ceiling light depends on the size of the room and the atmosphere you want to create. Within our range, you will find both modern and stylish ceiling light fixtures. Shop now!

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Buy beautiful ceiling lights

Ceiling lights feel at home in any room. The choice of a ceiling lamps or ceiling light fixture depends on the size of the room and the atmosphere you want to create. A ceiling light fixture in the bathroom has a different function than ceiling fixtures in the living room. We can offer you a wide choice when you buy ceiling lighting such as spotlights and ceiling lights.

At Modern Light you will find special ceiling lamps in different styles and sizes, both large and small. We have industrial ceiling lights that give a robust touch to your interior! We also have ceiling lights in black or white to add a sleek touch to your living room. Are you still looking to buy special ceiling lighting? Be sure to check our range online. Buying ceiling lighting has never been so easy! On our sale page, you will find ceiling lights at a great price, with something for everyone. Snap them up quickly at lampandlight.

Ceiling lamps for every interior

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere in your home. With the right ceiling lamp, you can easily provide good basic lighting to light up your entire room. When you opt for dimmable lighting, you can also choose which atmosphere you want to create: practical lighting when you want to be able to see everything well or dimmed lighting for a romantic and relaxed evening.

The right design is also important! At Modern Light you will find a wide choice of the most beautiful ceiling light fixtures to suit every interior. From sleek and modern to romantic lamps: You’ll find it all here. We also always have various ceiling lights on sale where you can score a cheap ceiling light.

You will find many different ceiling lights with us to suit your lifestyle. For example, we have rustic-finish variants in wood that you can use as perfect basic lighting. A sleek and modern ceiling lamp feels at home in a modern interior. Whatever style you choose, it is bound to be stylish!

Please note: ceiling fixtures are often switched on for longer than other lamps, because of their practical function. This means that extra attention must be paid to sustainability. Take a look at our range of LED ceiling lamps.

The largest range of ceiling light fixtures

With us you will find many different ceiling lights, both large and small. We have set up our website in such a way that you can see the entire range at a glance. You can set your search criteria with our simple selection menu. For example, filter on cheap ceiling lamps and your favourite style or colour and choose the ceiling light that appeals to you.

That way you can have your favourite ceiling lamp in one search in no time. Decide for yourself whether you want to search specifically or just browse through everything to get inspiration for new lighting in the home. This way you will immediately find the black ceiling lights or pendant ceiling light you were looking for!

Still no luck in choosing from our wide range? Then please contact our customer service. Our live chat function or e-mail will put you in direct contact with one of our staff members who will answer all your questions about ceiling or other lights.

Ceiling Lights by Modern Light

If you have a house with a ceiling that’s too low to hold a chandelier or pendant lights, ceiling lights from Modern Light are exactly what you need.

Designed by our in-house lighting experts with the utmost care, our ceiling lights are manufactured with the finest quality raw materials from all over the world. Crafted to be unique yet inspired by a myriad design styles, our lights are made to bring class and sophistication into every room they adorn.

How to Buy Ceiling Lights for Your Home

Ceiling lights are a blessing in disguise for interior decor in rooms with low ceilings.

Ceilings are what we like to call the indoor equivalent of the sky, because they are usually the largest continuous wall in any room. Everything from the colour to the texture and decoration of a ceiling has a massive impact on the ambience of the room. And so, they deserve the attention and adoration that’s due to any element with such an imposing presence.

The best way to give your ceilings their due is to deck them up with gorgeous ceiling lights!

When you’re looking to buy decorative ceiling lights for homes, you need to take a few factors into consideration. The most important of these is the amount of available space in the room where you want to place the light you buy.

To find the right size of a living room ceiling light, you need to add the length and width of the living room in feet. The sum of these two numbers is the number of inches your ceiling light should be in diameter. For example, if your living room is 20 feet long and 15 feet wide, then the ceiling light you should buy for that room should be 35 inches in diameter.

The height of most ceiling light designs on is minimal, but if you’re looking to buy a crystal ceiling light, keep in mind that those tend to be taller than designs like LED ceiling lights. Ideally, the lowest point of any kind of light fixture that’s attached to your ceiling should be at least 6.5 feet above the floor. So even if you’re looking to buy the taller designs, remember to ensure that they are at least 6.5 feet off the ground at their lowest.

You will also need to consider the colour palette of the room before making your purchase. We recommend choosing pieces in colours like gold, chrome, white, and black. Colours like these are fairly easy to fit into a vast variety of colour palettes. Lighting fixtures last for years. It is a great idea to leave some room to refresh the upholstery and furniture in different colours over time without having to buy new lights every time.

The final aspect to consider involves technicalities such as the load bearing capacity of your ceiling, availability of electrical outlets, and the likes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Lights

What are ceiling lights?

Ceiling lights, also known as flush mount lights, are decorative lighting fixtures that are attached directly to the ceiling. They come with ceiling plates and are not suspended using cords, chains, or rods.

Lights like these are usually also short in height, making them perfect for homes that have low or average ceiling heights. There is a large variety of designs within ceiling lights. Some chandeliers can also be mounted directly on the ceiling; these are known as ceiling chandeliers but they come under the broad category of ceiling lights as well.

How are ceiling lights different from chandeliers and hanging lights?

Chandeliers and hanging lights like pendants are fixtures that have ceiling cups or ceiling plates that anchor the cords, chains, or rods that hold the main body of the pendant or chandelier.

They are suspended at a distance from the ceiling and are typically rather tall in height. Ceiling lights refers to a category of decorative lights that are attached directly to the ceiling plate that is attached to the ceiling. There is no space between the main body of a ceiling light and the ceiling of your room. Ceiling light designs are usually flatter than most other types of lights.

How do I buy the right ceiling lights for my room?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when buying ceiling lights for specific rooms. The first is the amount of space available. Add the length and breadth of the room in feet to get the ideal ceiling light diameter for that room in inches. So if the room is 15*12 feet, then the diameter of a central ceiling light should be 27 inches.

If you plan to install two ceiling lights, we recommend diameters of 13 inches for each. Make sure the lights are in colours that go with a wide range of colour palettes so you don’t limit your decor options. It’s also a great idea to choose eclectic pieces that go with a variety of design styles.

What are the types of ceiling lights?

There are many types of ceiling lights, which are categorised based on various aspects of their design. Incandescent or LED ceiling lights are categorised based on the type of light they use. Another way to classify these lights is to do it based on the product material. So there will be metal ceiling lights, crystal ceiling lights, acrylic ceiling lights, etc.

Flush mounted or semi-flush mounted ceiling lights are determined based on whether they fit flatly and directly onto your ceiling or if there is a space between the main body of the light and the ceiling. You may also find these classified by the rooms they are meant to be used in, meaning living room ceiling lights, bedroom ceiling lights, and so on.